Monday, April 30, 2007

TAAG B737 D2-TBJ in Lisbon 28-04-2007

Angola Airlines new Boeing 737-700 about to take-off from Lisbon Airport for São Tomé Island and Luanda.
Since the new fleet was commissioned, TAAG has been very active in Lisbon not only with their B777 but also with the smaller Boeing 737.
Copyright photos by L.M. Correia


TAP PORTUGAL Airbus A330-200 CS-TOG photographed at the Lisbon airport on 28-04-2007 by L. M. Correia

SWISS A320 HB-IJL in Lisbon

SWISS Airbus A320 HB-IJL photographed at the Lisbon airport on 28 April 2007 by L.M. Correia

IBÉRIA Airbus A321 EC-ILO 28-04-2007

IBÉRIA airbus A321 EC-ILO about to land in Lisbon on 28-04-2007. Luís Miguel Correia copyright photos.

TAAG Boeing 777-200 D2-TEE

ANGOLA Airlines second new B777-200 about to take-offfrom Lisbon to Luanda on 28 April 2007.
Copyright photos by Luís Miguel Correia